Springhill Massacre Memorial Garden

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Address: Westrock Drive, Ballymurphy.
Commemorating: Victims of the Springhill Massacre on 9th July 1972. Civilian casualties from the area. 1981 hunger strikers.
Commissioned by: The Upper Springfield Development Trust.
Date unveiled: 04 May 1999
Notes: Memorial garden unveiled by Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams.

Centred within the garden – Wrought iron sculpture featuring a half moon cross-section intersected by an iron bar to which five spheres are attached [symbolizing the five victims of the Springhill Massacre] mounted on a stone. Along the wall, there a series of brass plaques and blue and white mosaics, running from left to right as follows: 1) Plaque reading “Gairdini Cuimhneachain na carraige thiar agus na carraige baine Gearoid Mac Adhaimh BP a d’oscail go hoifigiuil ar”. 2) Plaque reading “This garden is dedicated to the memory of all those from this area who died as a result of the present conflict in Ireland”. 3) Mosaic portraying the five victims of the Springhill Massacre. Each face is accompanied by a caption: “John Dougal age 17 Knowing how he died I am assured that he rests with God (Rose Dougal, mother)”; “Paddy Butler age 38 He was a jolly man who lived for his family and work (Margaret Butler, wife)”; “Father Noel Fitzpatrick We should all pray that we shall one day meet in paradise (his final sermon)”; “Margaret Gargan age 13 She was a good wee girl The people of the Whiterock buried her (Nelly Gargan, mother)”; “David Mc Cafferty age 15 There was a priest shot dead and my son died helping him (Nora Mc Cafferty, mother)”; 4) Mosaic reading “We remember their selfless courage Life spills on warm summer streets Our taken treasure innocence Our children neighbours priest Their selfless courage we remember”. 5) Mosaic showing an image of the Springhill area accompanied by the Belfast Telegraph’s headlines of the Massacre and reading “On the evening of July 9th 1972 British marksmen mounted an unprovoked and sustained attack on this community among the snipers victims lay 5 dead gunned down during efforts to bring aid and succour to the wounded Still yet waiting for justice to their memory and for freedom of the truth”. On the left from the entrance – small memorial stone with a painted image of a lark in barbed wire and the date “1981″.