UDA/UFF, North Belfast Brigade

Address: Junction of Brae Hill Park and Brae Hill Way, off Ballysillan Road, Ballysillan.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of North Belfast Brigade, Ulster Defence Association/Ulster Freedom Fighters.
Commissioned by: Ballysillan Garden Project.
Date unveiled: 10 June 2004
Notes: Memorial garden unveiled by Albert Hazlett. The bricks used to build the boundary wall were taken from housing redevelopment carried out at the Glenbryn/Ardoyne interface.

Bronze plaque at the entrance reads: “Ballysillan Garden Project Built by the people, for the people Opened by Albert Hazlett on 10th June 2004″. Central hut covered by a small roof that encloses two plaques and a memorial stone: from top to bottom – 1) black granite plaque showing the UDA and UFF symbols and reading “In remembrance of all those officers and Volunteers of North Belfast UDA/UFF who paid the supreme sacrifice in the defence of their country – Lest we forget – Quis separabit”. 2) Black granite plaque showing the UDA symbol and reading “In loving memory of Brigadier John ‘Grug’ Gregg and Lt. Col. Rab Carson ‘Murdered by cowards’ “. 3) Memorial stone showing the UDA, UFF and UYM symbols and reading “In proud memory of our fallen comrades U.D.A. U.F.F. U.Y.M. North Belfast Brigade Though they are gone their memories live forever Quis separabit”. Wall behind it painted in light blue, featuring a silhouette of mountains and a poppy wreath on each side of the hut.