UDA, “E” Company, 3rd Battalion Tiger’s Bay, North Belfast Brigade

Address: Cosgrave Heights, off Mervue Street, Tiger's Bay.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of "E" Company, 3rd Battalion Tiger's Bay, North Belfast Brigade, Ulster Defence Association.
Commissioned by: Not known [UDA].
Date unveiled: Not known.
Notes: Mural 37. 1278 No Longer Exists (NE).

“North Belfast Tiger’s Bay 3rd Batt. ‘E’ Coy” with large UFF crest. UDA and UYM crest also shown. Columns with “North Belfast Roll of Honour”. Two bowed loyalist figures either side of memorial stone. Left hand panel with twelve portraits of deceased Volunteers and the UFF and UDA emblems. Central black granite plaque shows the UDA and UFF symbols and reads: “In proud and loving memory of our fallen comrades Will always be remembered by the officers and Volunteers of North Belfast At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them Quis separabit”. Facing the mural, on the adjoining wall on the right – plaque in memory of Vol. David (Candy) Annesley, showing the UDA and UFF symbols and reading: “David Annesley (Candy) Born 3rd August 1979 Murdered 28th October 2000 I had only got to know you son after the years we’ve been apart Now there’s a hole that can’t be mended And it is deep within my heart Sadly missed by your loving father Ronnie, Margaret, brother John and sisters Kerrie and Debbie God bless xoxoxo”. On the right – memorial stone with a plaque showing the UDA emblem and reading: “In loving memory of Brigadier John ‘Grug’ Gregg and Lt. Col. Rab Carson ‘Murdered by cowards’ “.