Drumm Maire – SF

Address: Sinn Féin Office, Lower Falls Road, Falls.
Commemorating: Sinn Féin - Maire Drumm
Commissioned by: Not known [SF].
Date unveiled: Not known [2007?].

Plaque reads: “I ndil chuimhne Maire Drumm Vice President of Sinn Féin Assassinated by Loyalists 28th Oct. 1976 ‘We must take no steps backward, our steps must be onward, for if we don’t, the martyrs that died for you, for me, for this country, will haunt us forever’ “. Plaque presents Maire Drumm’s portrait in the top centre, Sinn Féin’s logo on the top left hand side and Easter lilies  on the top right hand side.
Plaque outside the Sinn Féin headquarters in Falls Road.