Black, Ryan, Ferguson and Keenan – PIRA and SF

Address: Pantridge Road, Poleglass.
Commemorating: Provisional Irish Republican Army - Patricia Black and Frankie Ryan. Sinn Féin - Michael Ferguson and Brian Keenan.
Commissioned by: Not known [PIRA].
Date unveiled: 2007

Black granite panel mounted on a semicircular wall reads: “Michael Ferguson Sinn Féin M.L.A. 25-10-53 ~ 25-9-06 Sean Keenan Sinn Féin 9-5-50 ~ 31-7-06 It lights the dark of this prison cell, it thunders forth its might. It is the undauntable thought, my friend, the thought that says ‘I’m right’. (Bobby Sands).” Memorials features a Celtic motif top and lateral frame, the shields of the four provinces of Ireland and a male and female volunteers with bowed heads and upturned rifles, one on each side”. In front of the panel, a memorial stone reads: “Patricia Black Oglach 28-11-72 ~ 15-11-91 Frankie Ryan Oglach 23-9-66 ~ 15-11-91 Beirigi Bua”. The memorial stone features a small bronze plaque portraying a lark in its top left hand side corner, with the words Oglaigh na h-Eireann around the rim.