Harbinson Plot

Address: Milltown Cemetery, Upper Falls Road, Falls.
Commemorating: William Harbinson (Fenian movement). Irish Republican Army - John Caffney, Terence Perry, Seamus Burns, Joseph McKelvey and Sean McCartney.
Commissioned by: Not known.
Date unveiled: 1912

Celtic cross with the inscription: “Interred here are Vol. John Caffney I.R.A. died on prison ship Al Rawqah 18th Nov. 1940 aged 43 years Vol. Terence Perry Staff Officer I.R.A. died in Parkhurst prison 7th July 1942 aged 20 years Vol. Seamus Burns Captain I.R.A. died of gunshot wounds 12th Feb. 1944 aged 23 years”. On the cross base, inscription reads: “Erected to the memory of William Harbinson who gave his life for Ireland in the cause of Fenianism in Belfast Jail 3rd Sept. 1867 aged 44 years. The people loved him because he was true to Ireland. May his soul rest in peace. This monument is erected to their memory in the year 1912 by their successors in the struggle for the freedom of Ireland. Interred in this grave are the remains of Lt. C. Joseph McKelvey I.R.A. executed on 8th Dec. 1922 whilst a prisoner in Mountjoy by Free State forces and Sean McCartney Section Comm. I.R.A. who died for Ireland 8th May 1921″. On the pavement in front of the cross, a stone shield reads: “In fond and loving memory of Sean McCartney Section Comm. I.R.A. who died for Ireland 8th May 1921 aged 23 years R.I.P. Erected by his comrades”; and a smaller plaque reads: “Under care of National Graves”.