Hunger Strikers

Address: Twinbrook Road, Twinbrook.
Commemorating: 1981 hunger strikers, Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan.
Commissioned by: Not known [National Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee].
Date unveiled: 07 May 2006
Notes: Memorial stone's weight: 5 and 1/2 tons. Unveiled by Robert McBride, leading member of the African National Congress and currently Chief of Police for Johannesburg's East Rand District. Proceedings chaired by Jennifer McCann, former political prisoner and comrade of Bobby Sands. Main speaker at the unveiling ceremony: Raymond McCartney.

Memorial stone listing for each Volunteer who died on hunger strike name, date of death and age. “1981 Vol. Bobby Sands M.P. 5th May aged 27 Vol. Francis Hughes 12th May aged 25 Vol. Raymond McCreesh 21st May aged 24 Vol. Patsy O’Hara 21st May aged 24 Vol. Joe McDonnell 8th July aged 30 Vol. Martin Hurson 13th July aged 24 Vol. Kevin Lynch 1st Aug aged 25 Vol. Kieran Doherty T.D. 2nd Aug aged 25 Vol. Thomas McIlwee 8th Aug aged 25 Vol. Michael Devine 20th Aug aged 27 1976 Vol. Frank Stagg 12 Feb aged 34 1974 Vol. Michael Gaughan 3rd June aged 24″. Iron lark on the top left corner. Pavement stone leading to the memorial stone shaped as a Celtic cross.