UDA/UFF/UYM, “A” Battalion, South Belfast Brigade

Address: City Way, Sandy Row.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of "A" Battalion, South Belfast Brigade, Ulster Defence Association/Ulster Freedom Fighters/Ulster Young Militants.
Commissioned by: Not known UDA].
Date unveiled: November 2006

The memorial is enclosed by a plain black wrought-iron fence. A central black granite headstone features the UDA emblem and reads: “South Belfast Brigade Ulster Defense Association”. Along the top – the emblems of the UDA’s three sister groups: the Loyalist Prisoners’ Aid (LPA), the UFF and the UDA’s youth wing, the Ulster Young Militants (UYM). On the right hand side of the memorial headstone – a smaller black granite plaque reads: “In proud remembrance of courageous men who gave their lives for Ulster Joe Bratty O.C. Raymond Elder Harry Black Sammy Hunt Ernie Dowds We are proud to have known them Quis Separabit”. Further right – a second black granite plaque reads: “South Belfast Brigade Ulster Defence Assoc. “A” Battalion ~ Roll of Honour ~ (list stating name and date of death follows)”. Plaque features the UDA emblem and motto Quis Separabit. On the right hand side wall – a smaller-scale replica of the (now removed) mural in memory of  the UDA A Battalion fallen members. Above the memorial – a placard reads: ‘Only by remembering these men, and others like them, can we ever repay their memory’. The placard features on the left hand side a wreath of red poppies which encircles the silhouette of a soldier with the wording: “1914-1918 1939-1945 Lest we forget”.