Shankill Atrocities

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Address: Shankill Road, Shankill.
Commemorating: Casualties from the Shankill area.
Commissioned by: The Kinner family.
Date unveiled: 2003
Notes: Plaque unveiled by Mr. Raymond Kinner. Mural 59. 2062

Plaque shows two poppies.
Plaque reads: “Shankill Atrocities FOUR STEP INN 29/9/71 Alexander ‘Joker’ Andrews Ernie Bates BALMORAL FURNITURE STORE 11/12/71 Colin Nicholl – aged 17 months Hugh Bruce – (commissionaire) Tracey Munn – aged 2 years Harold King – Catholic worker in store MOUNTAINVIEW BAR 5/4/75 Joseph Bell William Andrews Alan Madden Albert H. Fletcher Nathaniel Shaw Adams BAYARDO BAR 13/8/75 William John Gracey Samuel Gunning Joanne McDowell Hugh Alexander Harris Linda Boyle died in hospital from injuries sustained FRIZZELLS 23/10/93 John Desmond Frizzell George Williamson Gillian Williamson Sharon McBride Michael ‘Minnie’ Morrison Evelyn Baird Michelle Baird – aged 7 years Leanne Murray – aged 13 years Wilma McKee died in hospital from injuries sustained We will always remember them Donated by the Kinner family”.