UDA/UFF, “A” Company, West Belfast Brigade

Address: Highfield Drive, Springmartin.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of "A" Company, West Belfast Brigade, Ulster Defence Association/Ulster Freedom Fighters.
Commissioned by: Not known [UDA/UFF].
Date unveiled: Not known.
Notes: Mural 20. 667

Mural – Cuchulainn “Ancient defender of Ulster from Gael attacks” under a poppy with banners “Glencairn, Highfield, Springmartin. ‘A’ Coy West Belfast, Ulster’s Defenders Past and Present”. On one side, the Union Jack shield, “UDA Est. 1973″ with illustrations of two towers, “Irish Tower, Messines, Belgium” and “Ulster Tower, Thiepval, France”. On the other, UDA and UFF crests illustrating volunteers and a three man guard of honour beside a coffin draped in an Ulster flag. In front of it – central black granite stone showing the UFF and the UDA symbols and reading: “In memory of the officers and Volunteers of A. Coy. UDA/UFF West Belfast Brigade who unselfishly dedicated their lives in defence of their country Vol. George Samuel Rankin aged 50 years 24.9.76 Vol. Alan Simpson aged 19 years 3.4.75 Vol. Mark Bunting aged 21 years 7.2.76 Lt. Col. James Moorehead aged 30 years 31.1.77 Lt. Col. Michael Wright aged 25 years 13.6.80 Vol. Stephen Hamilton aged 24 years 19.10.81 Vol. Michael Morrison aged 27 years 23.10.93 C. Coy. Vol. John (Jackie) Todd aged 23 years 17.10.72 Ferien’s Tego – Quis separabit”. Iron gates have UFF and UDA worked into them.