Workers Party Communal Plot

Address: Milltown Cemetery, Upper Falls Road, Falls.
Commemorating: Deceased members of the Workers Party. Members and supporters of the Official IRA and Official Sinn Féin killed during the 1975 pogrom.
Commissioned by: The Workers Party.
Date unveiled: Not known.

Stone monument consists of three panels. Central panel – upper part: Celtic cross with Starry Plough as centre; lower part: on the left – image of Cuchulainn with a raven on his shoulder; at the centre: shields of the four provinces of Ireland, one at each corner, and the inscription “Erected to the memory of those who struggled and died for the establishment of a Socialist Republic by the Workers Party”; on the right – image of two children staring at the sun. Left panel – silhouette of a Belfast estate and list stating name and date of death of Volunteers. Right panel – the Starry Plough. Black granite plaque in the memorial grounds shows an Irish tricolour and a Starry Plough flag and reads: “Eamonn Kerr Murdered 11th March 1983 A socialist comrade A workers friend Erected by the Workers Party, Lower Falls”. Bronze plaque attached to a small pillar in front of the monument reads: “National Commemoration Committee In memory of all our comrades and supporters, murdered during the 1975 Pogrom. They died in defence of the democratic, secular and socialist republic.”.