Ballymurphy Gairdin Cuimhneachain

Address: Divismore Way, off Springfield Road, Ballymurphy.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers, Oglaigh na hEireann, and civilian casualties killed by the British Army, R.U.C., U.D.R. and Loyalist paramilitary organizations from the Greater Ballymurphy and Turf Lodge areas.
Commissioned by: Former POWs from the Greater Ballymurphy area.
Date unveiled: 27 November 2005
Notes: Plaques unveiled by Brian Keenan.

Iron gates with shields of the four provinces of Ireland and “Gairdin Cuimhneachain” lettering. Flight of stone steps leading up to the garden with small stone reading “failte” at its base. Stone pavement leading to central monument depicting a Celtic cross. Central monument consists of five black granite plaques set in a granite wall. Central plaque reads: “This monument is dedicated to the memory of our comrades from the Greater Ballymurphy and Turf Lodge areas who gave their lives for Irish freedom. It is also dedicated to the men, women and children from our community who were murdered by British Crown forces and pro-Unionist death squads. Fuair said bas ar son na hEireann “The seed which on Cavehill was sown o’er Belfast town its fruit has grown and they who served, suffered and died, their blood our cause has sanctified. Be proud of them our martyred dead and in their footsteps let us tread. They died for us that we might see Ireland, united, Gaelic and free” Jimmy Steele”. On either side of central plaque – plaque showing a Volunteer paying his tribute with bowed head and plaque reading “Volunteers (list stating name, age and date of death follows)”. Along the base of central monument runs the inscription: “Unbowed, Unbroken. Dedicated to All the Unsung Heroes”. On the left hand side wall, black granite plaque reads: “Internment Week On 9th August 1971 over a 3-day period British paratroopers murdered 11 innocent civilians from our community, one of them a Catholic priest. (List stating name and age follows). Kellys Bar On the 13th & 14th May 1972 in co-ordinated bomb and gun attacks pro British agents murdered 5 unarmed civilians and injured over 63 people (list stating name and age follows). Springhill Massacre On 9th July 1972 British soldiers murdered five people, two of them were children and one a Catholic priest (list stating name and age follows)”. On the right hand side wall, two black granite plaques read: 1)”As a direct result of Britain’s occupation of our country these men, women and children were murdered by British Crown forces and pro-Unionists death squads who were under the control of the British state Civilians (list stating name, age and year of death follows)”. 2)”Roll of Remembrance (list stating name, age and year of death follows)”. The garden presents two stone water fountains, on either side of central monument. A series of stone panels sculpted by the Tar Anall 50+ Group are placed at both corners adjacent to the entrance. The railings running on top of the boundary wall feature iron gold harps.