Andersonstown Garden of Remembrance

Address: South Link, Andersonstown.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of 1st Battalion, Belfast Brigade, Oglaigh na hEireann. Civilians killed by the British Army, R.U.C., U.D.R. and Loyalist paramilitary organisations. 1798 United Irishmen. Those who died as a result of the Great Hunger.
Commissioned by: Committee of local Republicans.
Date unveiled: 03 November 1996
Notes: Main speaker at the unveiling ceremony: Sinn Féin councillor Alex Maskey.

Central black granite plaque – shields of the four provinces of Ireland, one at each corner; centred on top – image of a male and a female Volunteer with bowed heads, one on each side of a Celtic cross, with the inscription: “They were faithful and they fought”; central inscription reads: “Cead cathlan den Briogaid Bheal Feirste i ndil chuimhne (list stating name and date of death follows) Also in memory of the civilians who died at the hands of the British Army R.U.C. U.D.R. and Loyalist extremists”. On the left from the entrance – white stone plaque reads: “i ndil-chuimhne orthu siud a fuair bas ar son saoirse na hEireann agus doibh siud a feallmharaiodh ag forsai na corona no ag dronganna dunmharfa dilseori Republican Movement (list stating name and year of death follows)”; green Celtic design and Celtic cross. On the right – black granite plaque reads: “1798 Who fears to speak of 98 1998 This plaque was erected to the memory of the United Irishmen who gave their lives for Irish freedom Also all those who died as a result of the Great Hunger These are the times that try mens souls The rich always betray the poor Henry Joy McCracken”. A folded Irish tricolour and a folded United Irishmen flag are also shown, one on each side.