1981 Hunger Strikers

Address: Junction of Falls Road and Glen Road, outside Milltown Cemetery, Falls/Andersonstown.
Commemorating: 1981 hunger strikers.
Commissioned by: The Riverdale Sinn Féin Cumann and the Andersonstown '81 Committee.
Date unveiled: 04 July 2006
Notes: The memorial was built at the former Andersonstown Barracks site. It was unveiled by Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey, who gave also the main speech at the ceremony. Mural 81. 2905

Wrought iron memorial featuring the portraits of the ten 1981 hunger strikers. Central image of a lark in barbed wire intertwined with the words ‘Free Association’, ‘Visits and parcels’, ‘No prison work’, ‘No prison uniform’ and ‘Full Remission’. Wall behind it painted in light blue and white, seemingly representing a sky. The memorial is backlit every evening from 10 pm.