UVF, “B” Company, 2nd Battalion, South Belfast

Address: Moltke Street, the Village.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of "B" Company Village, 2nd Battalion, South Belfast, Ulster Volunteer Force.
Commissioned by: Not known [UVF].
Date unveiled: Not known.

Upper part – at the centre, “Lest We Forget” and 36th Ulster Division emblem; on the left, plaque in memory of Noel Little; on the right, plaques in memory of John Hanna and Sammy Mehaffey. Lower part – on the left, UVF symbol; at the centre, black granite plaque with UVF symbol reading: “In proud and loving memory of our fallen comrades 2nd Battalion South Belfast Will always be remembered by the officers and Volunteers ‘B’ Company Village At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we shall remember them. For God and Ulster”; on the right, YCV symbol.