UVF, “A” Company, 2nd Battalion, South Belfast

Address: Walnut Street, Donegall Pass.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of "A" Company, 2nd Battalion, South Belfast, Ulster Volunteer Force.
Commissioned by: UVF Volunteers of the Donegall Pass area.
Date unveiled:
Notes: Autumn 2000

Iron gate with UVF lettering and symbol. Central black granite stone – Ulster Volunteer Force; UVF symbol; two Volunteers with bowed heads, one on each side; inscription reading: “In proud memory of our fallen comrades from the officers and members of South Belfast 2nd Battalion Glorious on the graves of heroes kindly upon all those who have suffered for the cause, thus will shine the dawn They gave their tomorrow for our today Lest we forget”. Set in the pavement, black granite plaque: ” ‘A’ Company Donegall Pass” with UVF symbol. On each side of the memorial stone – golden UVF emblems.