UDA, 4th Battalion Castlereagh, East Belfast Brigade

Address: Kenbaan Street, off Beersbridge Road, Ballymacarrett.
Commemorating: Fallen Volunteers of 4th Battalion Castlereagh, East Belfast Brigade, Ulster Defence Association.
Commissioned by: Not known [UDA].
Date unveiled: Not known.

Series of three black granite plaques on murals 40.1397, 1398, 1399 and 1400. Central plaque presents the UDA symbol and reads: “In memory of those murdered and killed (list stating name, date and age of death follows) Gone but not forgotten”. Left and right plaques read: “In memory of (lists stating name and year of death follow) Gone but not forgotten”. On the adjoining walls four murals: 1) “UFF Feriens Tego” with UFF crest and gunman silhouette. 2) “UDA Quis Separabit. 4th Batt. Castlereagh” with two silhouettes of gunmen firing pistols and UDA crest. 3) “UYM Terrae Filius” with two bowed gunmen. 4) “LPA. We forget them not” showing the red hand of Ulster wrapped in barbed wire.