James McCurrie Robert Neill Memorial Garden

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Address: Lower Newtownards Road, Ballymacarrett.
Commemorating: Protestants killed on 27th and 28th June 1970 by IRA snipers based in St. Matthew's Chapel in Short Strand. Protestants killed in West and North Belfast on the same day by IRA snipers.
Commissioned by: East Belfast Historical and Cultural Society.
Date unveiled: 2003

Sign at the main entrance reads: “James McCurrie Robert Neill Memorial Garden commissioned by East Belfast Historical and Cultural Society 2003″. Central granite stone reads: “27th/28th June 1970 That night in a planned and unprovoked attack, the Provisional I.R.A. introduced guns on to the streets of East Belfast from the sanctuary of St. Matthew’s Chapel and surrounding area. They murdered James (Jimmy) McCurrie and Robert (Ginger) Neill also wounding 28 other men, women and children.”; at the bottom – two small plaques bearing the names McCurrie and Neill. On the wall behind there are a series of black granite plaques, running from left to right as follows: 1) “Ardalaun St.”; 2) “Tommy Reid died 3rd July 1970 as a result of injuries sustained on 27th June 1970 at Mayo Street Remember the Fallen”; 3) “MURDER MOST FOUL 27th/28th June 1970 As I look back in my mind’s eye/I see a night that makes me cry/That Saturday started like any day/People shopping and children at play/Later that night as darkness fell/PIRA opened up like something from hell/Man, woman and child had to dive/ It’s a wonder many escaped alive/A woman was shot at Wolff Street/Blood on the ground, all around her feet/As the ambulance arrived to take her away/A wounded man inside was heard to pray/From St. Matthew’s Chapel with murderous intent/PIRA kept firing till every bullet was spent/From the tower where the bells kept their silent peel/It’s from here PIRA shot dead Bobby Neill/Making his way home in a hurry/PIRA shot dead Jimmy McCurrie/As he lay at the Beechfield School Gate/The wounded kept rising till it reached twenty-eight/When I look back in the light of day/There can be no compromise with the IRA/This date should be burned in our brain/East Belfast cannot let this happen again – W.J. Magee – 2002″; 4) “Danny Loughins Sandy Gould Billy Kincaid Murdered by P.I.R.A. Woodvale Area 27th June 1970 Always Remembered”; 5) “Central St.”.